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  • 1.Yahoo Store Design
  • Yahoo store design

  • 2.Yahoo Store Design / Standard
  • Yahoo Store Design  Standard based on Yahoo Format provided by Yahoo.com
  • 3.List Product (100 products)
  • Yahoo Store Design package includes 100 products list for first time setting already. Relist the products: Relist Fee: $0.50 per product
  • 4.Reduce Your Cost
  • A cost-effective approach, reduce your cost as much as possible.
$299/Yahoo Standard Format
$599/Customized Design

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Yahoo store design

Yahoo Store Knowledge

Build Yahoo Store
How much should I expect to pay each month?

Your total cost per month will include your plan's monthly fee and transaction fees based on your total monthly sales. Here are a few examples:

Total Monthly Cost*if you have sales of Starter Plan Standard Plan Professional Plan
$0 $39.95 $99.95 $299.95
$100 $41.49 $100.99 $300.74
$1,000 $54.99 $109.99 $307.49
$5,000 $114.95 $149.95 $337.45
$10,000 $189.95 $199.95 $374.95

* Resource from Yahoo.com. For more updated information, please go to www.yahoo.com. Thanks.

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Web Maintenance Plan
  • As low as $30/month, Update web pages/ Adding New Pages

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