Database Process
Database Development


Database Development
database website design

Who need access to the database?

  • ·Database End Users
  • ·Customers
  • Database ·Management
  •  ·Network Administrator
  • ·System Administrator
  • ·Database Administrator.


Usage of a Database

  • ·Online Catalogs
  • ·Inventory Control database
  • ·racking orders and shipping products
  • ·Personal Financial Software
  • ·Tracking long-term statistics and trends
  • ·Maintaining historic information
  • ·Road Maps
  • ·Telephone Books
  • ·Automating manual processes to eliminate paper shuffling

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Keep different level

  • ·System Level Management
    The system administration control the physical files on which the database is based
  • ·Database Level Management
    The DBA controls and manages the database
  • ·Database Application Level Management
    Application developers define the table structure, write the program codes

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Database Security

  • ·Network Security
  • ·Network Firewall
  • ·Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Database Development

Web Maintenance Plan
  • As low as $30/month
  • Update web pages/ Adding New Pages

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