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We are ambitions to become the No.1 Web Service Provider (Website development and related software, internet business consulting) worldwide, and please take you seat, and join us!

Einovo is a worldwide web services provider. Our clients are located in USA, Europe and Asia. Specially in China, we are experiencing a big expand. Our portfolios include the international financial companies, world famous fashion companies, artists, online stores owners, and our most important clients, the mid-small companies worldwide.

To be better to server our clients and also to be able to fire our stronger growth, to take the leader position of web service, and to acquire the major market share in USA and other countries, we are looking for investors to join us!

For more info, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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Purposes and Usages:

1. Expand einovo sales agency network
2. Increase ads exposures
3. Expand market shares, and expand profits and decrease cost through mass production.

Our goals:

Short term:

Expand Market Share, to become the major web service provider in USA

Mid term:

To successful establish EINVO brand imagination, to become the No.1 web development company in USA.

Long term:

Establish worldwide sales office, become the domain web service provider worldwide.


We are going to IPO in 6-8 years.

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